32 Pounds Down – Nancy

September 8

The JuuvaFIT Challenge is more than just a fitness program. When you signed up to participate you didn’t just agree to a few weeks of focus, you opened the door to a whole new world. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, or just feel better; the things you’re learning and accomplishing now have the potential to change the rest of your life.

We’re going to take a moment each week to celebrate some previous JuuvaFIT Warriors who took advantage of this system and accomplished some truly incredible things. These posts are meant to help you stay focused on what you can accomplish, but they’re also a great way to share the possibilities of this challenge with your friends and family members.

It’s amazing what happens when you take advantage of this incredible opportunity and plug into a one-of-kind support system. If you’ve experienced your own health transformation with JuuvaFIT, please share it with the rest of the community on the JuuvaFIT Facebook Group.


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