Join the JuuvaFIT Challenge

May 10

Ready to feel Phenomenal?

Whether you want to become healthy, lose weight, or get fit, the JuuvaFIT Challenge will help you achieve your goals.

As a participant, you’ll experience professional coaching, powerful products, a motivating community, individual team support, recognition, and serious progress towards your best body! 

The JuuvaFIT Summer Challenge runs May 17th – July 18th

As a participant, you’ll enjoy professional coaching, a fun community, individual team support, recognition, prizes, and serious progress towards your health goals! 

Choose your area of focus: Core Health, Fat Loss, or Fitness. Get full details at, or visit your own Distributor JuuvaFIT Site at [JuuvaID or Username]

If you have more questions, visit our JuuvaFIT Facebook Community.

Only one week before it starts, be sure to sign up today and start sharing!


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