Join the JuuvaFIT Fall Challenge

August 16

The JuuvaFIT Summer Challenge was a huge success. With over 3000 lbs in total reported weight loss, hundreds of participants are now enjoying a healthier life!

Whether you want to become healthy, increase mobility, lose weight, or get strong, the JuuvaFIT Challenge will help you achieve your goals.

As a participant, you’ll experience coaching, powerful products, a motivating community, individual team support, recognition, and serious progress towards your best body! 

The JuuvaFIT Fall Challenge runs Aug 31st – Nov 22nd

As a participant, choose your area of focus: 

  • Juuva Core Health & Mobility
  • Juuva Fat Loss
  • Juuva Strong

Get full Challenge details at, or visit your own Distributor JuuvaFIT Site at [JuuvaID or Username]

If you have more questions, visit our JuuvaFIT Facebook Community.

Only one week before it starts, be sure to sign up today and start sharing!


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