Juuva Vacation Club – Are You On Track?

September 30

One of the best parts of working with Juuva is the unparalleled rewards. As you work to establish your business and spread the benefits of Juuva’s world-class products, your efforts are always recognized and rewarded. All of Juuva’s recognition is top-notch, but there’s no better reward then the Juuva Vacation Club.

Every year Juuva takes qualifying distributors on a world-class tropical retreat. For 6 days you’ll soak up the sun, walk through the sands, and enjoy high quality food and entertainment; all at a luxury resort on the edge of the ocean. Anyone who wants to can qualify for this amazing trip, so are you on track for the vacation of a lifetime?

We don’t want anyone to miss out on the opportunity to attend the next Juuva Vacation Club Retreat. To find out what it takes to qualify, or to see what you still need to accomplish, visit the Juuva Vacation Club webpage at https://juuva.com/promotions/jvc2021/.

See you in paradise!


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