JuuvaFIT Captain’s Checklist

May 14

Wondering if you should Captain a team for the JuuvaFIT Challenge? Well, wonder no more! Being a Captain is a rewarding experience and you get to have an impact on improving everyone’s transformation on your team.

Best of all, being a captain is simple. Your team can have up to 8 members (7 plus yourself). As a Captain you’ll encourage your team to communicate daily and attend a weekly team call. Remind your team members to do their Weekly Check Ins and Submit Their Results at the end.

As a Captain, you’ll receive special access to Owen McKibbin and Kristy Kaminski on our JuuvaFIT Captain’s Facebook Group. You’ll also be invited to attend our the Captain’s Call held Wednesday’s at 10:45 am MT (after the JuuvaFIT Live Broadcast), see the Captain’s Facebook Group for call details.

As a Captain, be sure to update your Facebook Profile with the Captain’s Facebook Frame too!

Being a JuuvaFIT Captain truly is a remarkable experience. If you have any questions, feel free to ask on the the JuuvaFIT Facebook Group.


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