JuuvaFIT Challenge Weekly Tracking Sheets

May 12

Want to get prepared for the JuuvaFIT Challenge? Then download the new JuuvaFIT Tracking Sheets to see exactly what you will be doing to Transform You Life during the Summer Challenge.

We have 3 Trackers for each of the Challenge focuses (Core Health, Fat Loss, and Fitness). See the Order section on the tracker to see the suggested products that go with your focus. Then review the other sections to see your daily actions in the Challenge.

Download the Tracker on the JuuvaFIT webpage or in the Juuva Now Tools section

Participants use the tracker to keep track of their progress each week. They then reference their tracker when they do their weekly check in.

To download your trackers, visit the JuuvaFIT webpage, JuuvaFIT Leaderboard, JuuvaNow Tools, or share it with your team on the Summit App.


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