JuuvaFIT Summer Team Recognition

August 11

The 2021 JuuvaFIT Summer Challenge was a HUGE success! Congratulations to all of our Warrior Teams, Top Teams, and Elite Captains!

Judy Allen
John Wilson
Ken Cinnamon
Diana Monfette
Louise Webb

Angelic Warriors by Debbie Arcon
Canuckleheads by Ken Cinnamon
Change your weigh by Shawna Sprague
Deseret Peak Keto by Heather Glaser
Fabulous Fit by Jeanne Bracken
Fit n Fun by Bonita Shull
Fit-EH! by Diana Monfette
Fit-N-Fab by Celeste Martin
GetFunke by Alma Funke
Go4it by Richard Pattie
Health Warriors by Judy Allen
Life Transformers by Jenn Wilson
Mission Slimpossible by John Wilson
MV Crew by Phil Sprague
Team Flabuless by Gwen Turnbull
Tenacity by Maria McArthur
Tropic like it’s Hot by Bre Killpack
Weigh Down by Shawna Sprague
Weigh To Go by Louise Todd
Win for Losing by Margaret Jessop
Xtreme Fit – NE1 by Valerie Belknap
Xtreme Fit – NE2 by Valerie Belknap


Bayou Fit by Jaye Guerin
Believers by Gloria Warren
Bringing Sexy Back by Bailey Hansen
BURN FAT BURN by Ron Burgess
Diamond Warriors by Liz Lansing
Hakuna Myketo by Denise Bracken
I Got This by Brenda Bowler
IMUA by Clint Harris
Just Do It by Andy Shull
Southern KETO Warriors by Deanah Gill
Team Shrink by Karen Henson

The JuuvaFIT Fall Challenge begins August 31st. Get full details at myjuuva.com/juuvafit.


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