JuuvaFIT Top Teams Week 8

July 14

Check out our current top teams!

What does it take to be a top team? Try to have all 8 of your team spots filled with members. Next, be sure to contact each other via texting group or social media messaging group. Request that each member attend the weekly team call. Finally, encourage each member to submit their weekly check ins on time. That’s it! Do this and you’ll see your team score soar on the leaderboard!

JuuvaFIT Top Teams (07/14/22)

  1. Go4it by Richard Pattie
  2. MV Crew by Phil Sprague
  3. Tenacity by Maria McArthur
  4. Fit-EH! by Diana Monfette
  5. Bod Squad by Phyllis Jones
  6. Weigh To Go by Louise Todd
  7. Canuckleheads by Ken Cinnamon
  8. Xtreme Fit – NE2 by Valerie Belknap
  9. Mission Slimpossible by John Wilson
  10. Fit-N-Fab by Celeste Martin


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