Make your JuuvaFIT 8 Week Share!

October 20

Wow, we can't believe that we're already 8 weeks into the JuuvaFIT Challenge. By now most of you are beginning to see great results, and it's time to share your progress again!

Once you've created your "8 Weeks In" square, post it on your social media account so your friends and family congratulation on the amazing progress you've achieved!

You can create your share square by using Canva. Watch the quick tutorial below to see how.

Help us share the success of JuuvaFIT by posting your own Share Square for weeks 2, 4, 6, and 8. Just click on the template link below to create yours now.

2 Week Share Square Template 

4 Week Share Square Template

6 Week Share Square Template

8 Week Share Square Template


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