NEW JuuvaFIT Warriors for Week 6

July 1

Congratulations to our JuuvaFIT Participants who have achieved the status of Warrior!

It takes commitment and consistency to achieve the level of Warrior. These participants are creating health habits that can last their lifetime. Best of all, we get to recognize everyone who achieves this level at our Amplify Convention in Las Vegas! You can get details about the Challenge and recognition levels at

Look below to see who on your team has made this achievement, then be sure to congratulate them personally or via social media!

Core Health Warriors

Jaye Guerin
Phyllis Jones
Liz Lansing
janet hodek
Lamarelda Jean Jessop
Wanda Splawinski
Marissa Allen

Fat Loss Warriors

Angela Herndon
April Lund
Billy Joe Arthur
Bonita Shull
Carol Biggers
Celeste Martin
Chris Goodship
Chris Martin
Christine French
Cindy Jackman
Cristina Conver
Dana Nielsen
Deanah Gill
Derek Pollitt
Douglas Lamoreaux
Fern Wolf
Frances Finnigan
Greg Stacey
Heather Glaser
Jeff Funke
Jessica FunkeHo
John Wilson
Julie Burgess
Karen Willis
Kathy Kallas
Kelley Biggers
Ken Cinnamon
Ken Loudermilk
Kimberly Anderson
Leisa Hackney
Linda Self
Lisa Ence
Louise Todd
Margaret Jessop
Maria McArthur
Mark Turnbull
MIke Glaser
Mike Kallas
Raymond Goodship
Richard Pattie
Robert Blakeman
Robert Gill
Rodney King
Russ Ence
Shannon Kilgore
Stephen Burtt Jr
Steve Wells
Sue Hamby
Susan Nota
Tal Ehlers
Walter LOWRY
Yvette Robin

Fitness Warriors

Bailey Hansen
Beau Searle
Brenda Bowler
Daxton Hansen
Elaine Dawnis
Hazel Labbe
James Smuin
Jan Cinnamon
Mark Crawford
Muriel Rae
Steve Funke


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