NEW JuuvaFIT Warriors for Week 7

July 9

Congratulations to our JuuvaFIT Participants who have achieved the status of Warrior!

It takes commitment and consistency to achieve the level of Warrior. These participants are creating health habits that can last their lifetime. Best of all, we get to recognize everyone who achieves this level at our Amplify Convention in Las Vegas! You can get details about the Challenge and recognition levels at

Look below to see who on your team has made this achievement, then be sure to congratulate them personally or via social media!

Core Health Warriors

Austin Christensen
Carol Allred
Diane Cunningham
Harvey Cavaliere
Julie Forbes
Laura Harris
Naomi Reina
Rilee Searle
Stephane Monfette

Fat Loss Warriors

Dean Nelson
Janet Beattie
Jeff McArthur
Jill Streadbeck
Jonathan Allen
Karla Reynolds
Leslie Beeler
Linda Sheepwash
LoRee Feltz
Manon Levesque
Marvin Waite
Matthew Allen
Melissa Warner
Michael Myers
Randy Brown
Rhonda Jackson
Ron Burgess
Shawna Sprague
Suz Dawson
Tim Gunter
Zach Nye

Fitness Warriors

Megan Dutson
Sandra Mazur
Thomas Hamby
Travis Dutsonors


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