NEW JuuvaFIT Warriors for Week 8

July 14

Congratulations to our JuuvaFIT Participants who have achieved the status of Warrior!

It takes commitment and consistency to achieve the level of Warrior. These participants are creating health habits that can last their lifetime. Best of all, we get to recognize everyone who achieves this level at our Amplify Convention in Las Vegas! You can get details about the Challenge and recognition levels at

Look below to see who on your team has made this achievement, then be sure to congratulate them personally or via social media!

Core Health Warriors

Bonnie Hackney
Danielle Nelson
Debbie Collins
Kiaya Sammons
Margene Abbott
Marianne Jeffs
Mary Warner
Mike Thornton
William Tibbs

Fat Loss Warriors

Alylene Fields
Ashley Knoske
Candace Palmerston
Cassie Wilson
Chris Webb
Christine Cardinal
Deana Halhead
Dennis Palmerston
Holly Rowley
Irving Kurz
Jaidyn Beechinor
James Dempsey
Jennifer Funke
Joan Vickers
Kevin Rowley
Kevin Smyth
Leona Jessop
Lisa Nelson
Marla Stoch
Michelle Sherer
Nikolas Crisp
Robert Sprague
Sharla Naumu
Shawn Stoor
Susan Hunt
Valerie Belknap

Fitness Warriors

Eugene Layden-Tapp
Jeannette Hippe


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