Our NEW JuuvaFIT Warriors

June 24

Congratulations to our JuuvaFIT Participants who have achieved the status of Warrior!

It takes commitment and consistency to achieve the level of Warrior. These participants are creating health habits that can last their lifetime. Best of all, we get to recognize everyone who achieves this level at our Amplify Convention in Las Vegas! You can get details about the Challenge and recognition levels at Juuvafit.com.

Look below to see who on your team has made this achievement, then be sure to congratulate them personally or via social media!

Core Health Warriors

Amber Chatwin
Bobbie Martin
Lisa Burtt

Fat Loss Warriors

Anne McEntire
Bruce Boguski
Charlene Lamoreaux
Cristina Conver
David O’Neill
Debbie McCall
Denise Bracken
Gloria Warren
Gwen Turnbull
Jason Labbe
Jenn Wilson
Jerry Austin
Jessica FunkeHo
John Irish
Karen Henson
KJ Webb
Laura Caballero
Lee McLaughlin
Lesley Kuhn
Marilynne Chatwin
Marybeth McGuire-North
Merrianne Larrea
Nancy Boguski
Sue Garland
Wade McLaughlin

Fitness Warriors

Bre Killpack
Clint Harris
Debbie Arcon
Dennis Dawson
Diana Monfette
Jeff Bracken
Lisa Doherty
Phil Sprague
Sherrie Labrum


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