Juuva Webinar and Call Schedule

April 9

Want to stay up-to-day with Juuva announcements and training? Would you like daily dose of high-potency motivation to kickstart your day? Then be sure to plug into the Juuva Weekly Webinar and Call Schedule for:

  • Daily Motivation – Health, Wealthy and Time Freedom Call
  • Weekly Announcements – Juuva Live Company Broadcast
  • Weekly Product Training – Wellness Webinar with Blake Graham Double Platinum + Leadership
  • Weekly JuuvaFIT Training – JuuvaFIT Live with Owen McKibbin & Kristi Kaminsk Broadcast
  • Weekly Leadership – Double Platinum + Leadership Zoom

To see the current schedule, visit the Calls & Webinars page on Juuvanow.com. Be sure to invite your team (and any new Distributors) to watch!


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