Week 10 Workout: Sumo Squats!

November 2

You’ll be focusing on your lower body with this week’s workout.

While regular squats are excellent for working out your lower body, sumo squats have the added benefit of working out your inner thighs due to the wide stance.

To do Sumo Squats, start with your feet wider apart than you would for regular squats and point your feet outwards. As you come down, bring both of your hands together (this is where the “Sumo” comes from).

Add this Movement to your workout this week and get Juuva Workout points on your Weekly Check In!

Week 10 Movement: Sumo Squats!

  • Beginner: Sit to stand
  • Advanced: Pulse it our

Do the Beginner or Advanced movement for 1 minute for up to 6 days a week.

Once you’ve completed your workout be sure to post on the JuuvaFIT Challenge Group to let us know!


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