Week 5 Workout: Boat Pose

September 27

If you’ve ever taken a yoga class you’re likely familiar with the Boat Pose. This move challenges you mentally and physically—it isn’t easy to balance as your abs are shaking from the intensity—and it’s a go-to exercise for strengthening your core, including those hard-to-reach abs muscles.

To properly activate your core muscles in this pose you want to imagine that you are bringing your belly button to meet your spine. By doing this you should feel your lower abs contract. You also want to make sure that your spine is long (no hunching!) without having your chest pop forward—so think about bringing your ribs in, too.

Add this Weekly Work Out Movement this week and get Juuva Workout points on your Weekly Check In!

Week 5 Movement: Boat Pose

  • Beginner: Feet on Floor
  • Advanced: Straight legs at a 45 degree angle in the air.

Do the Beginner or Advanced movement for 1 minute for up to 6 days a week.

Once you’ve completed yours, be sure to post on the JuuvaFIT Challenge Group to let us know!


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